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Therapists in Therapy

BlogsMary Aguilar, MSW, LCSW Never trust a therapist who has not engaged in therapy themselves. My own journey in therapy has taught me valuable lessons and insights personally and professionally.  Years ago, I saw my first therapist when I was looking for some resolve to past trauma.  The therapist I saw was helpful in some […]

Empathy is Badass

     By Kris Wise, MSW, LCSW There was a spotlight shining on each person. Well, maybe not, but the air felt so clear everyone seemed illuminated. The march had just ended and the crowd stayed rather than dispersing to other events. While paused I heard music and recognized it as John Lennon’s, “Imagine”. Across […]

Dignity for Daine

Kris Wise MSW, LCSW You were beautiful. You were brave. I’m sorry your family disowned you. I’m sorry they could not understand that loving you as their child and finding solace in their beliefs is not mutually exclusive. I’m sorry they left you there and refused to claim your body. Their attempt to deny you […]

A Secret Weapon to Deepen Relationships and Attract People

Mary Aguilar, MSW, LCSW I remember reading an article years ago…  The author talked about how, when he attends weddings, he walks away from the weekend nuptials as the guy everyone likes, and the one everyone remembers.  He was the guy whom, at the end of the celebrations, people were saying, “Wow, I met Fred. […]

The Science of Sexuality

The Science of Sexuality: What you never learned in school. Kris Wise MSW, LCSW Growing up I knew not one “out” LGBTQ+ adult or same sex couple. Looking back, I can see them living quietly, hiding parts of their life from people who loved them. They were beautiful, broke gender stereotypes, and were brilliant sparks […]

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