Jahrae is a recent graduate from Grace College with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He sees himself a guide, a partner, and mentor as he helps families, couples, and individuals through their most challenging situations. He believes that a person attachment framework weather secure or insecure impacts their ability to regulate their emotions. He is honored for the opportunity to learn and be a part of someone’s unique story. He offers a safe space and support for individuals and couples where they can grow and truly experience themselves and their loved ones in new ways through hope and authentic transformation. Jahrae believes in the importance of helping individuals and couples truly experience themselves and their loved ones that leads towards healing through established healthy boundaries of acceptance and connection.

Jahrae believes that therapy should be a place where a person can build and regain strength, clarity, and motivation. He aims to focus primarily on listening, respecting, and understanding each person and couple. By reintroducing new experiences in therapy, he hopes to put each client at ease and make therapy a comfortable place to quiet the noise and learn how to enjoy the journey once again.

Jahrae is not accepting clients at this time.