Mary Aguilar, MSW, LCSW

The decision to enter counseling services can be a daunting and exciting process that may have taken  you years.  It is an honor to walk alongside you in your journey. Experience has taught me that past experiences truly inform present functioning.  Comfort and resolution await you in your walk toward healing. I look forward to collaborating with you and I offer you the option of utilizing EMDR to enhance recovery outcomes.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR is an exciting technique that is utilized to produce effective and efficient resolution around a variety of issues including past trauma, anxiety, and depression.  EMDR functions from the principle that past memory networks inform our current behavior and functioning. Resolving issues “stuck” in past memories and “stuck” in our bodies can help improve current areas of concern.  EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (lateral eye movements, sounds, or sensations) to reprocess old, charged memories. EMDR is thought to work much like REM sleep and it is utilized to reprocess and resolve old memories on an emotional level in ways that traditional “talk therapy” cannot accomplish. Explore the following links if you are interested in learning more.

Mary is a verified therapist through Psychology Today. Find out more information here: Mary Aguilar


Mary is currently paneled through the following insurance providers:

  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • BlueCross and BlueShield
  • United
  • PHP
  • Out of Network


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