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World AIDS Day 2019

                    Kris Wise MSW, LCSW      I completed my bachelor’s in social worker senior practicum working at an agency that at the time was called the AIDS Task Force of Northeast Indiana. I began my full-time employment there a year later at the age of […]

You are here with me now.

Mary Aguilar, MSW, LCSW This song has been haunting me lately.  I find myself silently reciting the lyrics with you, session after session.  Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow” will not leave my consciousness. The lyrics ring so clear and true – a metaphor for your pain, hurt, trauma. My tears well. You don’t yet know that the […]

“I got you!”

Kris Wise MSW, LCSW If you have ever watched an episode of the television series “Empire”, you probably recognize the image of Jussie Smollett, or remember his smooth vocal performances. He is talented, philanthropic, and since 2015 an openly gay man of color in America. Smollett was this week’s victim of violence in the LGBTQ+ […]


Kris Wise MSW, LCSW Why self-regulation is important to each of us. One’s ability to practice self-regulation is as predictive in life outcomes as a person’s individual intelligence or their family of origins socioeconomic status. Self-regulation is essentially the ability to focus one’s energy and actions towards a goal. Self-regulation is often learned during childhood, […]

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